The Importance of a “Unified Front” to Your e-Footprint

With all the social media outlets currently providing ways to connect, share and link, it’s more important than ever to create a unified ‘look’. Building the brand of YOU will have more impact and sticking power if your profile pictures, backgrounds, walls and style elements are in sync. This holds true whether you are a business, a passive or active job hunter or even a college-bound student.

First, obtain a profile picture that is clear and bright. Webcam pictures are not usually a good idea as quality and lighting are poor. If you don’t know a photographer who owes you a favor, ask a family member to facilitate this mini photo shoot for you. Try different angles, lighting and poses before you call it quits so that you have plenty of shots to choose from. Be expressive and show some personality – but don’t overdo it. A head shot is best to use since profile pictures in most programs are very small. You can use photo editing software to crop it in once you select your favorite pose.Profile Pics

Choose a color palette. Many applications allow you to customize your profile to include selecting background colors. Whether you choose a plain background or utilize online wallpaper building services, be sure to use the same colors each time. Color will become another element in the branding of your best asset, YOU! Make a note of your selected color(s) the hex# is best to assure consistency at each outlet. Click here to learn more about hex numbers.

Select a font. Occasionally, you will have the chance to select a font. Resist the urge to browse through the fancy or techy or commercial fonts. Stick with clean, clear fonts – the same one each time. Helvetica and Arial are highly recommended for content/body text. Use stylized fonts sparingly – but when you do, use only your chosen font each and every time.

Best bet.
Your best bet is to hire a designer to create your stylized elements. Many online services will provide the unified look you need to make a better impact. They often offer package deals that include Twitter wallpaper, blog header and more. Prices can range from $99 to $299, but are well worth the expense.

Creating a unified front when it comes to your web presence is a must for forward thinking professionals. It will increase your credibility, establish you in your chosen field and make your YouBrand memorable.


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