Book Review: Social Media Gem Discovered

The Zen of Social Media Marketing” hits the nail on the head with a no-nonsense guide to effectively using social media to market yourself or your business. Filled with practical tips and real-life examples, Shama Hyder Kabani illustrates strategies for utilizing Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to market effectively and identifies stumbling blocks to avoid going “too far”.

If you are just diving in to the Social Media world, this book is a fabulous intro. In addition to being thoughtfully organized and relateable, it is an easy and enjoyable read. Shama clearly outlines effective strategy in layman’s terms with practical tips and reachable goals. She spotlights real, everyday people and how they are using social media to successfully achieve their marketing goals.

This is a book that you will want to refer to again and again. Each time I open it, I find a new sidebar article I hadn’t read before, or a tip that I overlooked. If you spot this bright yellow book, don’t pass it over – its a social media gem!


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