Dear Client: Please Photocopy Your Own Flyer

Dear Client,

It’s been a pleasure working with you on your new website, business cards and online presence.  The new in-office brochures you want are almost ready for final review…they are going to really button up the whole branding cycle.  That is, if you decide to move forward with them.

The other day you mentioned that a certain someone said , “Just make photocopies of your MS Word flyer. Why waste the money – they end up in the trash anyway.”

I got to thinking and came up with 10 reasons you SHOULD take their advice and get your butt down to the local copy shop.

1. You want to attract a class of people who also value copy-shop flyers.

2. You hate trees and want to waste as much paper as possible.

3. It would be an unfair advantage to give yourself an edge over your competitors.

4. Your clients may be bored since your appointments are usually behind schedule so you kindly supply them with a dual purpose flyer so they can work on their to do list or sketch funny pictures of each other.

5. You don’t really have the staff to handle additional clients…so photocopy flyers are fine.

6. Your 4th grader created this unique flyer for you in school and you want to boost her self esteem.

7. This is your slow season so you really can’t be bothered with the extra expense.

8. You definitely don’t want this flyer to make it to their friends and neighbors…somebody might expect a discount for the referral.

9. You photo-copy all your home-spun pieces because it looks artsy-bohemian…and that’s good enough for your $500 a pop product.

10. You don’t value your future clients so you aren’t willing to spend money to make money.

In all seriousness, dear Client, please don’t underestimate the power of a professionally designed and printed brochure.  THAT is the kind of thing that people pick up, read and hold on to. They may use it as a bookmark for a while, it may get lost in a pile of bills…but eventually, they run across it again and are glad they kept it so they can call the number, visit the website or pass it on to a friend.
Yours humbly,
12 year design veteran

About michminix

12 Years in the fabulous advertising industry. Love it!
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2 Responses to Dear Client: Please Photocopy Your Own Flyer

  1. Brandon says:

    Well put, Michelle!

  2. Cliff Allen says:

    It is surprising how many owners of small businesses care about the design of their product or store, but don’t invest the same level of design in their marketing materials.

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